The team is comprised of highly skilled legal experts and document review specialists with many years worth of international litigation experience and expertise on a wide range of legal compliance-related subject matters.

We have high-level work experience ranging from private practice and in-house positions in European and other international jurisdictions to legal expert, policy development and negotiation roles within international organizations.  DLR Legal consists of a pool of legal professionals who are native speakers of all main European languages. In addition, the DLR Legal network is constantly expanding and other languages are available on request.

Our combined expertise in compliance and litigation matters puts us in an ideal position to be able to improve the information-gathering methods crucial to building a strong litigation case on a cost-effective basis. 

The experience we have in international investigations, the knowledge of a wide range of international legal systems and our language skills also allows us to respond effectively to the often complex and multi-jurisdictional character of large-scale litigation and compliance cases.


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