DLR Legal is a document review specialist in the field of international litigation cases. Our team consists of multilingual lawyers, qualified in several jurisdictions.

Unlike legal recruitment agencies we have first hand experience in document reviewing ourselves and also have access to a large network of skilled document review specialists covering a wide range of languages. The international legal experience in many jurisdictions and language skills of our team of lawyers and legal experts allows us to respond effectively to the international and cross-border aspects of most large investigations.

Our combined expertise in compliance and litigation matters puts us in an ideal position to be able to improve the information-gathering methods crucial to building a strong litigation case. We provide our clients with a high quality service tailored to the particular requirements of each case, for example in terms of case management and choice of document review databases.

The combination of legal expertise and language skills allows us also to offer legal translation services as part of our portfolio.

For more information on our litigation support and translation services please visit Services on this website or contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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